Design, inspection and testing of fire protection systems

IDF technicians deal with the preliminary, final and executive design of the following active fire protection systems in accordance with the latest European and International standards:


  • Fire water network provided with hydrants and hoses;
  • Wet extinguishing systems (sprinklers, foam);
  • Dry extinguishing systems (inert gas);
  • Water spray extinguishing systems (water mist);
  • Aerosol extinguishing systems;
  • Oxygen reduction systems;
  • Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (natural and forced);
  • Fire detection systems (smoke, heat, flame detection) and voice alarm (EVAC).


Upon conclusion of the implementation of active fire protection systems, the system certification is released for purposes of fire safety and functional testing. The customer is accompanied along the full realization of the system, evaluating the most congenial solutions during the various phases of design both technically and economically.
Our engineers work following a unified and integrated approach to equipment and fire protection systems. By virtue of this approach, the set of systems, ranging from the smoke detection system to the automatic extinction system, from the smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system to the lighting system, is designed as an integrated system whose components must interact with each other in a perfect and synchronized manner in order to ensure the level of performance required for the safety of people and property.

Simulation of the active protection systems' operation

In the event of complex building structures, to assess the efficiency of the entire active protection system with all its components, our technicians make use of sophisticated software that, by using fluid dynamic models (CFD), simulate the fire and relative times of extinguishing or containment, in accordance with the principles of Fire Safety Engineering.

Check of documents required by law

In order to assess the compliance of fire-fighting systems with industry technical standards we carry out checks of the documentation required by law (declarations of conformity, CE marking, design documents, testing certificates).

Safety electrical systems

IDF Staff has specialized technicians in the design of emergency electrical systems:


  • Auxiliary safety electrical system which is activated in case of malfunction of the ordinary line;
  • Emergency lighting system.
Engineering ratings for innovative solutions

Our research team provides consulting services to assess the feasibility and possible engineering applications of innovative solutions in the field of fire protection.