Fire protection consulting

IDF is a highly specialized group of fire protection professionals capable of responding to all requests concerning fire protection designs of civil, industrial and service buildings, helping the customer in determining the most efficient and cost effective fire protection systems ensuring the highest safety standards and compliance with the most stringent regulations.

Our technicians, maintaining the integrity of the architectural design, provide a tailored service with accurate modelling and risk assessment to meet the specific needs of architects, consultants, businesses and government agencies.

Fire Prevention Procedures

The IDF fire safety professionals accompany the customer in the various procedures of fire prevention including the design phase of the project compliance evaluation, the preparation of the Certified Notice of Commencement of Works (FIRE PROTECTION SCIA) with the release of the Fire Protection Certification, providing testing and certification as an instrument of endorsement of the fire prevention safety of the relevant business activity. With an efficient service that allows cost-effective solutions without neglecting global security, we accompany the customer to obtain the Fire Prevention Certificate (CPI).

CPI renewal Procedures

We provide complete assistance to holders of existing activities subject to fire prevention inspections in order to obtain the CPI (Fire Prevention Certificate) renewal. After a thorough analysis of the de facto condition of the enterprise we work out a common strategy with our customers in order to preserve this de facto condition and perform the minimum necessary measures for a possible fire-protection adjustment in accordance with the current regulations.

Technical consulting in dealing with external bodies

As part of fire prevention practices our fire protection designers daily interface with external entities and with various offices in charge of reviewing and approving the various fire protection practices.
In particular, we have direct contacts with the technical staff and managers with the National Department of Fire Brigades in order to:


  • request access to the records relating to previous fire prevention practices;
  • discuss and share technical solutions and fire prevention strategies to be adopted in the design services conducted according to the engineering method;
  • find compensatory solutions shared with the Fire Brigades command to be implemented in the practices of (technical/structural/architectural) impossibility to comply with all fire safety regulations laid down in the technical standards of reference;
  • submit to the Supervision's attention any normative problems or issues (clarification of standards and codes).

Review of fire protection projects

We carry out consultancy work for the review of non-approved fire protection projects, providing our experience in order to undertake all the steps necessary to the approval without distorting the original system design.

Analysis of the de facto condition, regulatory consulting and fire safety design

The IDF team provides consulting and support to the preliminary analysis of an enterprise for fire protection purposes analysing the de facto condition in all its (planimetric, structural, plant) aspects in order to verify whether it is eligible to be subjected to fire prevention controls and the technical standards of reference to follow, taking advantage where allowed of recognized international standards. After carrying out the relevant analyses our engineers develop and share with the customer the best technical choices for the possible adjustment of fire protection.

Expert reports and judicial technical advice (party-appointed or ex officio)

We carry out expert reports and technical advice aiming at ascertaining the origin, causes and ways of fire development.
With the use of sophisticated software for the modelling of fires and with the help of testing laboratories of our confidence for the analysis of elements involved, we can reconstruct the evolutionary dynamics of a particular fire based on available evidence.

We perform technical expertise in the field of fire-protection either as party-appointed experts (CTP) or court-appointed experts (CTU).
Depending on the data available, our computational models can provide a variety of information, such as source and cause of the fire, analysis of its development, any failures, malfunctions or design errors regarding the sprinkler system, smoke vents, the system of detection and alarm, insufficient fire resistance of structures, etc.
All our expert reports are the result of profound scientific and technical analyses based on the evidence and information provided on the fire, according to which we provide a totally independent technical opinion.

Insurance services

We provide support to companies operating in the insurance sector for the fire risk analysis, taking advantage of the most modern simulation systems for evaluating the safety of occupants (life safety), goods (property safety) and to ensure operational continuity (business continuity).

Risk analysis

IDF technical experts analyse the potential fire risks inside industrial establishments, production sites, technological systems and deposits.
According to the analysis performed we assess the level of risk to people and property and the necessary measures for its reduction.

Instrumental surveys

The IDF technical experts perform measurements in situ (both in Italy and abroad) and samplings on buildings to determine structural fire resistance with the aid of the most modern technical equipment as required by the nationally and internationally recognized regulations.