Fire protection audit

IDF carries out a Fire Protection Audit service consisting of a systematic check carried out at the customer's premises aimed at assessing the degree of efficiency of all aspects that contribute to determine fire safety.

Aspects taken into consideration by the Fire Protection Audit may vary according to the activity characteristics and relate to the following issues:


  • Building characteristics (fire resistance of structures, passive protection systems, smoke barriers, natural or mechanical ventilation systems, escape routes system, doors and sectional doors, safety signs, extinguishing media, etc.);
  • Assessment of fire protection systems (automatic systems with water or other extinguishing agents, systems of detection, signalling and fire alarm, fire system of hydrants or hoses etc.);
  • Safety management control (risk assessment documents, emergency plan, present activities subject to VV.F. control, quantities of goods in storage, anomalies related to performance of activities and/or safety management, etc.).

We perform Fire Protection Audits for various types of businesses and industrial companies, including multinationals, in accordance with the standard UNI ISO 45001 (formerly BS OHSAS 18001).

The Fire Protection Audit in accordance with the above standard has a dual purpose:


  • check the fire safety level of an activity in all its aspects, ranging from the efficiency of active protection systems (extinguishers, hydrants, extinguishing systems, etc.) to the preparation of the company's emergency response teams, in order to maintain the level reached or implement it to ensure the best safety conditions for workers;
  • the achievement of a certain goal in the safety of the workplace provides the company with the following advantages:

     - potential reduction in the number of accidents;
     - potential reduction in downtime and associated costs;
     - demonstration of legal and regulatory compliance;
     - demonstration to the involved parties of their commitment to health and safety;
     - increased likelihood of acquiring new customers and business partners;
     - better management of risks related to health and safety;
     - potential reduction in insurance costs;
     - ability to access calls and/or facilitations for training or other business programs.


IDF, in its role of "Auditor" guarantees absolute professionalism and impartiality both in internal audits (carried out on behalf of the company itself) and in the external ones (carried out on behalf of customers, suppliers or certification bodies).